Professional plant care is not easy. It takes years to accumulate the experience required to keep plants thriving indoors, and most businesses just don’t have the time or expertise needed to do it well.

As simple as it may seem, professional plant care requires much more than just plant watering service. Most indoor office plants are adapted and acclimated to thrive indoors from tropical climates. But even with careful preparation by growers who have mastered the art of producing plants for indoor use, arranging regular visits from an expert plant care technician is critical to ensure plants can maintain their health and vigor over time. A skilled technician will ensure an appropriate plant watering service regimen is created and followed that adapts to dramatic seasonal variations affecting humidity, light conditions, and temperature. They will manage the roots, soil, stems, and leaves using a variety of fertilization, pest management, disease management, cleaning, and pruning techniques that augment each plant species’ natural defenses against pests, diseases, and aging. All this helps ensure plants maintain their healthy appearance over time. Even with regular professional attention, plants still may not last forever. Plant companies like The Wright Gardner, who maintain their clients’ plants, stand behind the service by guaranteeing those plants while under a service plan, replacing plants that decline in health or appearance under a full service warranty. This is truly the best way to protect an investment into office plants and gain the maximum benefits of adding live plants to an office.

plant watering service

Plant care technicians do much more than just watering the plants, and even getting the watering right takes some expertise and tools.

Plant Watering Service? But I have green-thumb colleagues who will take care of the plants here in the office…

When we offer interior plant service along with the sale of new plants and containers, we often hear – No, that’s not necessary. We’ll handle the plant watering service ourselves. We then typically ask…

  • Do you really want your people spending their time on that?
  • Do they have the tools to do the entirety of the job, including cleaning, fertilization, pruning, pest control, and disease control?
  • Will they remember to and have time to do it on a regular schedule, and not miss a service?
  • Will they guarantee the plant and replace it if it dies?

Most of the time, the answer to these questions is no, and clients quickly realize that it’s best to let experts handle their plant care. Management guru Peter Drucker once used office plant care as the perfect example of a function that a company should outsource. We agree: plant care should be left to plant care experts.