Top 6 Indoor Flowering Plants For Spring

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There are many reasons to decorate your workspace with indoor office plants. An indoor flowering plant can improve your work environment by purifying the air and improving your mood. Plus, who wouldn’t want to look forward to working every day inside a beautiful, good-smelling office?

But choosing the right flowering houseplant isn’t easy, which is what we’re here to help with.

The Best Indoor Spring Bloomers

African Violet

  • Known for their vibrant and expansive colors ranging from blue to violet and even white, these plants can bloom throughout the spring.
  • These plants are perfect for beginners. Just make sure to put them in a bright space but not directly
  • under sunlight. As long as you keep its soil moist (not soggy), it’ll bloom several times throughout the year with minimal effort.
  • Avoid watering the crown. This will cause brown spots.
  • Cyclamen Persicum

  • These sweet-scented, beautiful, upward-facing plants come in various colors like white, lavender, red, pink, and magenta.
  • Place them in cool and lit areas around (around 60-65°F) but away from direct sunlight.
  • Always keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering to make it bloom from early winter to spring.
  • Kaffir Lily

  • These clusters of orange or red blooms and evergreen foliage are famous for its majestic blooms during spring.
  • The Kaffir Lily is a low-maintenance flowering plant that prefers areas with light without direct exposure to the sun.
  • Keep it watered as it grows. But, for a richer bloom, keep water to a minimum once it’s dormant outside of spring.
  • Amaryllis

  • Easy to grow and even easier to appreciate, the Amaryllis will treat you with dramatic blooms come wintertime and early spring with minimal care.
  • These bloom best when placed in a southern-facing window for maximum daylight without the glare and heat.
  • Amaryllis prefers only the occasional watering. Wait for the topsoil to dry before you water it again.
  • Primrose

  • The Primrose is a small cheerful flower with a colorful bloom that can last the entire spring.
  • As indoor plants, you need to place them away from direct sunlight but somewhere still with exposure.
  • Keep the soil moist without overdoing it. Otherwise, you’ll risk root rot.
  • Hyacinth

  • For a fragrant-filled bloom during early spring, the Hyacinth is an excellent choice if you’re willing to take care of it.
  • These can bloom for up to 12 weeks during the spring. Afterward, they will die.
  • Once dormant, make sure only the bulb and roots remain and move it to a cold and dark space until the next spring.
  • Caring for Spring Bloomers

  • Always provide the necessary amount of sunlight depending on the preferred plant.
  • Proper watering is crucial. Most spring bloomers don’t like to be overwatered.
  • A well-draining soil is a must for all indoor spring-flowering plants.
  • Don’t be afraid to transplant the bulbs once the foliage has died. You can replant them immediately or store them in a dark and cold space until next spring.

  • Conclusion

    Having indoor office plants, especially for spring following the dark winter months, can be a source of relaxation and stress relief. Most plants also improve the air quality in your workspace as well.

    Here at the Wright Gardner, we provide an excellent selection of indoor office plants and aftercare to eliminate the guesswork of choosing and maintenance. Contact us today if you want to make your office workspace more beautiful and easy on the eyes.