Why Plants?

Indoor office plants create a healthier, more vibrant, and productive workplace for employees, customers, and guests. Getting your indoor plants and plant watering service from The Wright Gardner is the best way to ensure you get all the benefits of a beautiful plant installation. Get a free plant design today by contacting us at (415) 431-3632 or completing our request form below.

Improve the Health & Well-Being of Your Workplace

Did you know that workers in office environments with natural plants, greenery, and sunlight report a 15% higher level of well-being, are 6% more productive, and are 15% more creative? (Source: The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace.)

As humans, we don't just enjoy connecting with the nature, we actually need it. Interior landscaping has become a “must-do green initiative” to keep clients, tenants, and customers happy and healthy in the workplace. If you’re not convinced of the power of green, consider the following conclusions collected from the last 30+ years of research into what impact plants can have on business.

San Francisco CA Office Plant Benefits

Productivity & Worker Satisfaction

When a company provides and maintains plants for their employees, staff feels that management cares about their work environment. Plants create a comfortable and relaxing space that gives people a sense of overall well-being. In fact, in one study, workers demonstrated 12% more productivity with plants present.

Reduce Absenteeism

A few high-quality specimen plants can help moderate the noise level and reduce stress, keeping employees happier at work. Research has shown that respiratory ailments are reduced by 20%, and sick day absentees decline by 60% with the presence of indoor plants and floral arrangements.

Develop a Welcoming Atmosphere

Charming plant designs and creative floral arrangements alleviate the harshness of a building environment. They create a warm and inviting refuge.

Improve the Indoor Environment

Greenery takes on many indoor environmental health problems by reducing levels of carbon dioxide, increasing relative humidity, reducing airborne dust levels, and reducing off-gassing levels of certain common interior pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and nitrogen dioxide.

Increase Tenant Occupancy & Retention

The character and appearance of a building can be improved by maintaining healthy plants in attractively designed containers and displays.

Make a Design Statement

Interior plant designs are emerging as a “fashion-oriented” business. They can provide finishing touches to the overall design or stand as thriving and vibrant focal points.

Increase Retail Spending

Extend the outside environment inside to your retail space. Provide a creative, cheerful, and low-stress experience for shoppers, diners, or overnight guests. In fact, research has shown that retail shoppers pay 12% more with plants present.

Direct Pedestrian Traffic

Exterior plants can gently guide crowds to special attractions, direct optimal traffic flow, or be the specific landmark for check-in desks, escalators, and waiting areas.

Soften Less-Attractive Building Features

Utilizing the versatility of both size and shape, plants improve the less-attractive features of structural environments with elegant, functional solutions to service areas, kitchen entries, connecting walkways, and more.

Reflect the Holidays & Changing Seasons

It’s hard to beat the visual beauty and grace of plants. They express our cultural beliefs and help us celebrate our holidays.

(Adapted from “You Need Plants” by Green Plants for Green Buildings)

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