Floral Arrangements for Office Spaces

While thriving plants can be a beautiful addition to any office space, the indoor flowering plants from The Wright Gardner can add color, dimension, and a lovely focal point to your San Francisco commercial building. Contact us to learn more about our gorgeous floral arrangements by calling us at (415) 431-3632 or completing our request form below.

Creative Indoor Flower Arrangements

At The Wright Gardner, we create stunning indoor flowering plant arrangements that will provide visual interest and enhance your commercial space. Many of our arrangements are ideal for areas such as conference rooms, dining areas, front desk counters, and reception areas. Whether you need a stunning centerpiece or a living tabletop display, the team at TWG will create a unique and striking arrangement for all to enjoy.

Colorful Subscriptions We Offer

The indoor flowers we use in our floral arrangements are living plants, not cut florals. They are flowers that will continue to grow indoors and need plant care and maintenance similar to other indoor plants. Depending on your particular office space, we can design tabletop floral arrangements, wall displays, or table bowls that will add beauty and emphasize key areas of your space.

Our most common indoor flowering plants include:

Custom Designs & Guaranteed Care Since 1987.

Indoor Flowering Plant Care

Because our floral arrangements are living plants, they do require consistent plant maintenance. Our plant care services are also available for these colorful indoor flowers.

Refresh floral arrangements every two to three weeks

Replace flowers as needed

Water and fertilize as needed

Dust, clean, and shine at each plant care visit

Serving San Francisco & the Bay Area Since 1987

For radiant and impressive indoor flowering plant arrangements, look no further than The Wright Gardner. We serve the Bay Area business community with our lovely indoor flower arrangements, along with San Francisco, SacramentoSan JoseOaklandSilicon Valleythe East Bay and all nearby areas. Contact us at (415) 431-3632 to learn more or request a consultation. We also offer living wall designs, moss designs, and more for your San Francisco area business.