What Season Is The Best Time To Install Outdoor Office Plants?

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Human beings are healthier and happier when we live with plants, both at home and at work. Installing plants throughout the office can boost employee well-being and productivity while helping the environment. However, getting maximum benefits from outdoor office plants for the entire year requires careful planning and research.

The first order of business when installing plants at your job is to do it in the right season.

Ideal Seasons for Office Plant Installation

1. Spring (For Temperate Climates)

States like California, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and Central Valley, are known for their temperate climates. This is characterized by mild weather and established rainfall patterns.

In these areas, plants have the best chance to establish their root systems in Spring, just right before the summer heat is at its peak.

Plants that thrive during spring are Lavender, Ornamental Grasses, and Butterfly Bushes.

2. Early Fall (For Warmer Climates)

For states like Florida where it’s warmer all year round, it’s best to wait for the summer heat to subside first. But, don’t wait longer than early fall, preferably October or November. This way, the soil is still warm and the plant will have more time to grow.

The best plants for early fall planting are Canna Lilies and Coleus.

3. Late Summer/Early Fall (For Cooler Climates)

In colder states like Wyoming and Minnesota, it’s best to take advantage of the later month’s not-so-warm summer season. This way, the plants have more time to establish their roots before the winter season arrives.

Ornamental Kale, Asters, and Pansies do particularly well when planted from July to August.

4. Rainy Season (For Tropical Climates)

In countries with tropical climates like South Asia and South America, it’s best to take advantage of the rainy season from June to November. The combination of the colder weather and the reduced reliance on additional watering is best for plant growth.

Tropical plants that grow best in the rainy season include Birds of Paradise and Bromeliads.

5. Year-round (For Controlled Environments)

Buildings with temperature-controller outdoor spaces are best for planting outdoor office plants and enjoying their benefits.

Well-maintained patios and atriums allow for planting year-round. All you need to make sure is to choose plants suited for specific lighting and temperature conditions. This way, each plant has a fair chance at blooming at opportune times throughout the year.

Benefits of Outdoor Office Plants

Improved Air Quality – Plants are nature’s air filters. They can remove toxins and pollutants from the surrounding air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety – Researchers have proven that viewing greenery can have a positive impact on stress levels and help promote feelings of calmness.

Enhanced Creativity and Focus – Regular exposure to nature has been linked to increased cognitive function and improved focus, even among adults in the workforce.

Boosted Employee Morale – Plants naturally excuse an inviting and visually appealing aura. This can elevate morale and satisfaction among fellow workers.

Increased Collaboration – Outdoor spaces with plants can provide an informal setting for workmates to interact with each other and offer subtle team-building exercises at no additional cost.

Overall, installing plants across the working area brings several benefits that affect office productivity. This is especially beneficial for busy and high-stress office environments.

What Are The Best Low-Maintenance Outdoor Office Plants?

When choosing plants for a fast-paced workspace, consider low-maintenance plants that can flourish with minimal upkeep.

These are examples of ideal plant types for outdoor offices:

ZZ Plant
Money Tree
Jade Plant
Snake Plant
Peace Lily
Peperomia Green


The ideal working space isn’t complete without greenery. Installing outdoor office plants is a great way to bring nature to the workplace without asking everyone to stress about having needy plant babies.

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