Interview with Jason Biteng, Operations Manager at The Wright Gardner

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A family-owned horticultural services firm, The Wright Gardner provides professional solutions to indoor office plant design and care. Our team of experts makes customized, one-of-a-kind creations for the San Fransisco business community. We recently sat down with Jason, one of our operations leaders, to talk about his career journey and what his trajectory at The Wright Gardner has been like. Here is what he had to say.

Interview with Jason Biteng, Operations Manager at The Wright Gardner

What Do You Do at The Wright Gardner?

I work in operations as the installation and warehouse manager. My core responsibilities include staging, delivering, and installing new office plant accounts, plant replacements, ensuring our day-to-day and weekly operational tasks run smoothly, supporting our technicians in the field, and responding to the immediate needs of the company and our clients.

What Made You Want to Work for The Wright Gardner and What Has Kept You Here?

I originally come from an IT background and was looking for a change after many years. I grew up in a semi-rural area in Northern California, and I’ve always been connected to nature. I have always volunteered my time with various non-profit organizations dedicated to outdoor access and trail maintenance. I was looking for a job in something outdoors, or plant-related, when I came across a job posting for The Wright Gardner, which seemed like it could be a good fit. One of the many things that have kept me here is the satisfaction I get from knowing and seeing my work makes a positive impact.

What Do You Like About Our Company Culture?

I like that The Wright Gardner has an underlying culture of innovation and learning, not just in its willingness to lean on technological solutions when needed, but also in innovative ways in which employees are valued. I also like how communication with management is always open; The Wright Gardner is truly a model of a modern plantscaping company, constantly learning and improving. I also like that The Wright Gardner has always had high standards all around which fits great with me because I have high standards when it comes to the work I do.  

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

My favorite part of the job is the process of planning, executing, and seeing the end result of a successful project, whether it’s a new installation, a single plant replacement, a large scale multiple plant replacement, or taking on a new client. I always like seeing the reactions of our clients when we come in with plants.   

What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

A typical day for me starts in the warehouse. I like to get an early start and make sure everything is well-organized and stocked for all our technicians who come in and out of the warehouse. From there, I’m either staging or loading up a new plant installation to handle replacements and all operational requests around the Bay Area. 

What Are You Most Proud of as it Relates to Your Work With The Wright Gardner?

I’m most proud of being a part of The Wright Gardner’s growth in terms of being part of a team that has successfully delivered a lot of new large and small installations. Also, ensuring we continue to deliver our quality of service during the recent lockdowns was quite the task. 

How Does Your Current Position Compare With Previous Jobs You’ve Had?

In my current position, I feel like my opinion and feedback are valued and taken into consideration. At my previous jobs, it was more siloed, constricting, and closed to any new feedback. Here at The Wright Gardner, open communication and the free exchange of ideas are the norm, and management is very earnest in making sure you are heard and any concerns are addressed. 

What Excites You About Your Future With The Wright Gardner?

It excites me to work for a company that I believe has a very bright future and the potential to make an even larger impact in the office plant industry. 

How Have You Grown Professionally Since You Started Working With TWG?

As someone who was brand new to the planstcaping industry when I started at The Wright Gardner, I feel like my industry knowledge and plant knowledge have grown immensely.

What Advice or Guidance Would You Give to Someone Trying to Decide if They Want to Come Work at TWG? 

Some guidance I’d give to someone considering working at The Wright Gardner, specifically for the operations department, would be to ask them if they would enjoy being part of a team that takes pride and ownership in their work, likes to be thorough, is always looking to get better, and whether or not they are they comfortable with variety (operations does a little bit of everything). Lastly, I would say that if they’re looking for a job that is not sitting down looking at a screen for eight or more hours a day, but is inherently physical, this may be a great opportunity for them. 

What’s the Most Exciting Thing You are Working on Right Now?

I am always most excited to be continuing to improve our internal processes, breaking down lessons learned, and increasing our operational efficiency by constantly testing and refining. 

What Might Someone be Surprised to Find Out About The Wright Gardner or the Office Plant Industry in General?

It’s a lot more than “just simply plants in pots” that goes into plantscaping and office plants. There are whole logistical aspects I’ve never thought of, such as how to get the plants from the warehouse to the client space and keep them looking great. Another aspect someone may be surprised to hear is that there is a strong customer service element that is necessary for a successful plantscaping company. 

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