Plant Leasing

When you want to enjoy all the benefits of indoor plant life for your office space but you want to avoid the upfront investment it may require, plant leasing can be a beneficial option for your San Francisco business. At The Wright Gardner, we’ve been assisting businesses with indoor office plant design and care since 1987. Request a consultation today by contacting us at (415) 431-3632.

Flexible Options for Your San Francisco Business

As a plant leasing business in the San Francisco area, we offer flexible plant leasing options specifically for commercial spaces. We do our best to adapt to each client’s unique budgetary constraints and objectives. Leasing plants for your indoor office environment can be a more cost-effective option for your business. Rather than placing an upfront burden on your finances, plant leasing can offer a more economical way for your staff and clients to experience the benefits of indoor office plants and floral arrangements.

Our Plant Leasing Process

Consultation. Our plant design team will spend time learning more about your business and what you are looking to accomplish for your commercial environment.

Pricing Options. Based on your goals and preferences, we create a plant and floral design for your business space, showing you the lease price option and the purchase price option.

Leasing Option. If you choose the leasing option, the complete cost of your plant design and installation project will be divided out over approximately two years.

Continue or Buy Out Lease. When your lease is up, you will have a choice to either continue with our plant care and maintenance service or buy out the plant lease.

Custom Designs & Guaranteed Care Since 1987.

Why Choose TWG?

Local Horticulture Experts

Contact us today at (415) 431-3632 to request a consultation for our plant leasing services. We gladly work throughout the Bay Area including the cities of San Francisco, SacramentoSan JoseOaklandSilicon Valleythe East Bay, and the surrounding areas. We also offer plant services such as moss designsliving walls, and holiday designs.