Why You Should Leave Office Plant Purchases To The Pros

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You might think that purchasing and then caring for your office plants would be an easy task to undertake. It should be as simple as a trip to the garden center and a watering can, right? The Wright Gardner has seen time and again the disappointing results that our clients experienced when they tried to procure their own plants and then manage their care. Let us take a moment and explain why we believe it’s always best to leave the office plant purchases and care to the professionals.

Custom plant design and maintenanceTrust Your Plants to the Professionals

The Wright Gardner is all too familiar with this scenario. We have worked with customers who love plants and are familiar enough with them that they would like to take the trip to a retail garden center to pick them out. And not only that, they have someone on staff who enjoys gardening and has been designated to take care of the plants. In our experience, customers of ours who have tried to make a DIY project out of their office plants have not been satisfied with the outcome.

Not All Plants & Treatments Are the Same

When selecting plants, commercial nurseries focus on providing generally larger plants and use slightly different acclimatization procedures to ensure survival in the office environment versus a residential setting. Offices generally have less natural light and less natural air circulation than a home. Plants specifically grown for commercial uses also have more robust pre-treatments to protect the plants from pests and diseases because the cost of replacement is typically so much higher in commercial use than in residential use. Plus, retailers want to upsell new plant parents all of these treatments because that is where they make a great deal of their money.

The Commercial Container Difference

You may be able to find a container in a retail store that will physically fit your plant inside, but it likely won’t look right for the space it is in and for the actual size and shape of the plant material. Commercial designs involve proportions that upsize the containers into dimensions you typically cannot get in a retail store. These containers are typically larger relative to the size of the plant. The professionals at The Wright Gardner have the experience it takes to select the right plants, containers, and accessories for your space, as well as completely manage their care with a full guarantee.

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