How You Can Ensure Employees Return to Work with Confidence

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We’ve had an unprecedented couple of years with the upheaval of normal routines as we know them. Workers across the country are ready for life to return to the way it was before but are understandably nervous about that. The Wright Gardener can help your employees return to work with confidence. Here’s how plantscaping can help create a smooth transition back to the office after the holidays.

A living wall can help with social distancingReturn To Work Safely With Living Walls

Whether your employees have been out of the office only for the holidays or throughout the duration of the pandemic, they will probably start returning to the workplace soon. You can use plantscaping to help them feel more comfortable doing so, as well as send the message that you care about their well-being. The Wright Gardener can install living walls to create physical space dividers between workers to comply with social distancing, and also improve air quality. Your employees will feel as though they have more personal space with these aesthetically appealing natural barriers between them.

Inspire Confidence with Strategic Plant Designs

Our professionals can create a custom plant design for your workspace. We can put together a fresh and inviting plantscape to energize your space and group them strategically to separate workspaces. They will add natural beauty to the office while serving a functional purpose. We have decades of experience designing and installing the best indoor plants for your particular space.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Besides their aesthetic benefit to a workspace, plants can actually make the work environment healthier. Workers in office environments with natural plants, greenery, and sunlight report a 15% higher level of well-being, are 6% more productive, and are 15% more creative. There’s a reason that people often take a walk in nature when they need to boost their mental health, and that’s because being around plants lowers stress and anxiety. Simply put, humans enjoy connecting with the outdoors.

Request Consultation for Your Indoor Plant Design

The team at The Wright Gardener will work within your budget to take care of the entire process, from initial design to complete installation and maintenance. Contact us at (415) 431-3632 to request a consultation. We have been designing unique and completely customized plant and floral arrangements for the San Francisco business community since 1987.