Is Your Office Too Dark for Plants?

Having an office in the Bay Area doesn’t necessarily guarantee large windows and abundant natural light. In fact, we find most offices in the areas we serve in northern California – including San Francisco, Oakland, the East Bay, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Sacramento and the surrounding areas – tend to have limited natural light in key interior spaces, particularly in the areas of the office most in need of sprucing up with live office plants. At The Wright Gardner, we believe employees shouldn’t have to spend 40+ hours each week working in a drab and lifeless office environment. We think plants are a key component to achieving a healthy and vibrant work environment. There are dark office plant solutions that can work well, even without abundant natural light. We’ve outlined a few creative plant concepts that add life and visual interest, while successfully accommodating dark or low light conditions.

The popular “Snake Plant” or as we know them: “Sansevieria” are very hardy plants! They have minimal water requirements, adapt and survive with very limited light. In addition to its hardiness, sansevieria come in several different sizes and varieties. Although the largest sansevieria we have available is around 3 feet tall, we can achieve a desired height by using taller decorative containers. Sansevieria are taking over Pinterest and Etsy and appear to be very trendy in 2017.

The Dracaena trees are “go to” plants in the Interior Plant Industry for a “dark office”. They don’t require very much water and they adapt well to low light situations without too much stress brought to the plant. From our own experience we’ve found Dracaena Lisa and Dracaena Rikki offer varied looks and tend to be the toughest plants in the Dracaena genus when it comes to limited light situations.

At The Wright Gardner, we are truly passionate about the services we provide to our clients in the Bay Area. We won’t suggest designs that will not be fruitful in the future. We will not install plants just to make a sale. We are a loyal local company that has regard for people and plants. We are skilled designers with an understanding of the hurdles faced by facility managers, office managers, and property managers face when trying to create the perfect environment for their employees and clients. Let us help make an ideal environment for your building. For every problem, there is a solution.