How to Add Color to Your Landscaping Before Spring

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You don’t have to wait until spring to add some color to your landscaping! Now is the time to get a jump start on getting your landscaping ready- even before the blooms in our corner of the world emerge from their winter slumber. The Wright Gardner specializes in outdoor planter design and installation and can hand-pick plants to liven up your winter landscape. Here are some ways we can help make spring arrive early at your place of business.

Outdoor planter design & installation

Outdoor Planter Design & Installation

The professionals at The Wright Gardner can design and install an environmentally conscious selection of outdoor plants that are context-appropriate and will create a beautiful, functional exterior space you can enjoy year-round. We help clients design and maintain a well-kept, aesthetically appealing, and professional appearance in entrances, street fronts, courtyards, roof decks, patios, and gardens. Our professionally trained plant specialists are capable of caring for all types of office plants, both indoor and outdoor. Under our care, your office or place of business will be an attractive space to all who enter.

Exterior Services We Offer

Our exterior services include the design, installation, periodic replacement, and refreshment of plant materials, including:

  • Green foliage
  • Large outdoor planters
  • Colorful arrangements 
  • Hanging planters
  • In-ground outdoor plants
  • Railing planters
  • Outdoor potted plants
  • Standing planters

Why Have Plants At All?

Charming plant designs alleviate the harshness of a building environment, and that begins before you even walk through the door. Whether you would like to enhance your outdoor space with railing planters, outdoor standing planters, or colorful foliage, we can design an exterior that will increase the appeal of your place of business. Plants create a comfortable and relaxing space that gives a sense of overall well-being to both your customers and employees alike.

Call Today to Begin Your Landscaping Design

The Wright Gardner will make your vision a reality and leave you with a fresh and inviting plantscape to energize your workforce. Our goal is to make our clients’ spaces more vibrant, productive, and healthy for both customers and employees. Contact us today at (415) 431-3632 to request a consultation. We design unique, beautiful, and completely customized plant and floral arrangements for the San Fransisco business community and surrounding areas, including Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, and Silicon Valley.