When To Replace Your Indoor Plants And Why It’s Important

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Despite our best efforts, plants sometimes just need to be replaced. At The Wright Gardner, all of our plants come fresh from a commercial nursery, pre-acclimated to the indoor climate, and pre-treated for pests and disease to maximize their prospects of a long, healthy life in our clients’ office environment. However, even the best plants cared for by the most skilled plant care professional won’t last forever. Let’s talk about how you know when it’s time to replace your plants, how we can help you with that, and why it’s important.

Plant care and replacement

When Plants Need to Be Replaced

Even though we put a lot of time and energy into the care of our plants, they get old. Things happen in the office that can stress them out and shorten their life. When a plant starts to show its age or, as sometimes can happen, is overtaken by a plant pest or disease, it’s time to think about replacing the plant with some healthy and fresh material. This is one of the most important reasons our clients use a professional plant care company like The Wright Gardner.

Why You Need a Professional

Our technicians are trained to know how to identify situations where plant replacement is the right response. Our entire operation is set up to order a suitable replacement, ideally a nearly identical plant, and get it delivered and installed. We will remove the old plant and return it to our nursery for further handling. Most of these old plants will get cleaned up and restored to the best of our ability, and they are then donated to an organization like The Plant Exchange.

What The Wright Gardner Can Do

As a family-owned horticultural services firm, our priority is to make our clients’ spaces more vibrant, productive, and healthy for both customers and staff. Workers in environments with natural plants, greenery, and sunlight are proven to work with a higher level of well-being, more productivity, and creativity. We have decades of experience designing, installing, and caring for a wide range of indoor office plants and floral arrangements. The Wright Gardner can design functional and aesthetically-pleasing indoor plants that will enhance and beautify your space. 

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