Meet Miranda, Plant Technician for TWG

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Plant Technician Miranda Gill with Dracaena reflexa at The Wright Gardner office.

At the Wright Gardner, we truly enjoy working with our clients to design and create interior plantscapes that improve their space and fit their budget. Each client is unique, so every installation is tailored to their needs, but our work doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s just beginning. The transition from install to service is a critical step in our client on-boarding process, and we take the time to pair each client with a Plant Technician we feel is the right fit for each account. A Plant Technician is one of the most visible members of The Wright Gardner, and work tirelessly to ensure that each of our clients’ plants are healthy and looking great months and years after install. To give you some insight into what it takes to perform this type of work, we took time to sit down and chat with one of our most experienced and knowledgeable technicians, Miranda Gill!

Miranda, How did you hear about the Wright Gardner and what inspired you to apply for the position to be one of our Plant Technicians?

“I didn’t even know this type of industry existed. I was working for the post office as a mail carrier and delivered mail to The Wright Gardner. I was like ‘what is this place?’ I saw all of the plants and had to ask one of the staff if they were hiring. It just so happened that one of their techs they had for a long time retired and a position was open. Two people before me applied for the plant technician position but they didn’t work out. I have an extensive background in plant care, which gave me a competitive edge. “

What is your background with live plants?

“I grew up around the Redwoods. When I am surrounded by plants I’m in my element. I feel comfortable and I’ve always been involved with plants in some regard. I’ve traveled extensively and consider myself an environmentalist because I enjoy conservation principles and have a BA from UCSB involving religious studies, sociology, and environmental studies. My education was built on the intention to understand how people treat the natural world. I volunteered to help with my daughter’s community garden when she was in elementary school, which involved many hours of pruning, watering and tending to plants.”

Do you see yourself growing in your position? Are you happy in your position or would you like to move up in the company over time?

“I love my job, not only because I love plants but it is great exercise. I get my 10k steps and more while I’m working on the job. It’s a very healthy job to get into and it works for those who don’t like to sit in an office. I love that my job isn’t stressful and can feel meditative. I’m definitely open to growth in the company. I’d love to get into quality control. Going around and double checking each account to be sure the offices are staying up to standard. I may consider being a designer in ten years when my body gets tired, but for now, I love going around to each office in the Bay Area.”

Do you think anybody can tend to plants in a corporate setting?

“ With training yes, but you really have to love plants. You kind of have to be a plant nerd. You have to love the science of it! I love the botanical aspect of my job. It is fulfilling to go to each account and return the next service date and see the positive results of the care I provide to them. All of the clients are excited to see their designated plant expert. They are so thrilled to have a professional gardener come to their office. They always ask me about troublesome plants at home and I do my best to help them.”

Can you describe your interaction with different clients while servicing their office plants?

“Each client is very different. I have a great relationship with some clients. They always ask me how my daughter is doing. I think keeping a friendly relationship with clients is nice because they feel comfortable to bring up any concerns they have about their plants. My primary posture when servicing an account is to be quiet and unobtrusive, especially in quiet office spaces. We don’t want to interrupt people from their focus at work. Some account contacts appreciate my quiet nature, but most of the time they seek me out to have a brief conversation. I think this time is important because they see that I am servicing their account on a regular basis.”

Miranda is a great example of who we look for when we add to the TWG team. Her background, passion, and attitude set her apart and help define the quality of service we hold ourselves to at TWG. We rely on people like Miranda who are passionate about the services we provide!