Now Is The Time To Start Thinking About Holiday Decor For Your Office

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It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday design and decor for your office space. The Wright Gardner helps customers experience the joy of the holiday season with professional holiday decor and design services, making the process as simple and enjoyable for you as possible. If you want us to create custom holiday pieces for your business’ entryways and common areas, now is the optimal time to think about your vision for the space. Let us walk you through our process of making custom holiday decor for your commercial space.

Professional office holiday decor and design

Celebrate the Season With Flowers and Greenery

The Wright Gardner not only designs and installs office plants, but we also undertake custom holiday decorating projects using a wide range of plants, flowers, and other elements such as poinsettias, holiday garland, custom-decorated trees, light displays, and more. We provide seasonal rentals of fully lit and completely decorated holiday trees, wreaths, and garlands. Only the highest quality commercial-grade supplies and energy-efficient lighting will be used to create a professional and polished holiday presentation for you.

Our Easy 4-Step Holiday Decor Process

We first provide a consultation where we determine what you would like, including your desired theme, design objectives, and budget. Our holiday decor team will then craft a complete holiday display that will check all of your boxes, fulfilling exactly what you envisioned. Once the installation is scheduled, we will pre-assemble everything in our warehouse and then deliver, arrange, and install your custom holiday decor. Lastly, our team will come in and remove the items when the holiday season is over, and will replace the original plants for our plant design services customers.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

The Wright Gardner has created remarkable, extraordinary, and completely customized plant and floral arrangements for the business community since 1987. In addition to holiday plant design, we offer plant care, floral arrangements, living walls, exterior maintenance, and more. Contact us today at (415) 431-3632 for more information about us or to request a consultation. We serve San Fransisco and the surrounding areas.