Best Plants For Office Desk At Work

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Plants are known to boost creativity, improve air quality, reduce stress levels, and enhance overall productivity. Desk plants can be a very advantageous addition to your work environment, especially those that can thrive without much maintenance.
Below, we put together a list of the best desk plants for greenthumbs and beginners alike.


If this is your first desk plant, you will want to start with something incredibly low maintenance. Cacti don’t need much watering so long as you keep them in a sunny spot! A good rule of thumb for hydrating this desk plant would be about 1/4 cup of water every week. However, if you find that the soil is still moist from the last water session, you can give it another week.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is one of the most sophisticated plants for office desks you can find. They are quite popular for their air-purifying capabilities and thrive in a variety of conditions. Whether your office is in a consistently cooled environment or tends to experience low humidity, the ZZ plant can easily adapt. However, if your workplace allows cats and dogs (which is winning!), the ZZ plant can be toxic for furry friends.

Money Tree

If you are a believer in superstitions and feng shui, the money tree is one of the best plants for office desks. Many people claim that it brings positive energy, good luck, and prosperity, which is also why it is a fairly popular houseplant. It thrives in bright yet indirect sunlight and only needs watering once a week.
For those who don’t care much for superstitious beliefs, the money tree has a very serene and neat aesthetic that can liven up any corner. Moreover, it couldn’t hurt your luck to give it a try!

Jade Plant

Good plants for an office desk are not only beautiful to look at and easy to maintain, but they should also have a long lifespan. That is the case with Jade plants. This gorgeous piece of nature is adorned with smooth, oval-shaped leaves and sits neatly in its pot, held together by strong woody stems. It thrives in indirect light and only requires watering if the soil is 100% dry. When properly cared for, the jade plan can last up to 50 years. How great would that be to have it on your first day of work and first day of retirement?

Snake Plant

There are so many other good plants for an office desk but we’ll end our list with a snake plant. It’s one of the toughest plants you’ll come by and it doesn’t need much water or sunlight to survive. You can get away with watering it once every two to three weeks and leaving it be the rest of the time.


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